Perforated Steel

Steel, because of its ductility and qualities of strength, is an excellent raw material for the creation of perforated metal screens, perforated tubes and a wide variety of other perforated shapes.

Steel can be easily punched with shapes, but once punched it remains strong and durable; it can still be capable of resisting impact even when punched with many holes or other shapes. This strength and durability makes steel a good raw material for the fabrication of perforated exhaust channels, ceiling panels and even floor grating.

There is some fluidity in the distinction between perforated panels and gratings; panels with fewer punchings generally qualify as gratings while a high number of punchings, particularly small punchings, will generally qualify as perforation.

Whatever the distinction, punched steel is an excellent drain cover and even floor paneling material because of its strength and resistance to corrosion. It can also be used in vents, filters, architectural components and in many other applications.

Perforated Metal Safety Platform
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Steel is also highly recyclable; some steel industry estimates report that 42.3% of new steel produced in the world comes from recycled steel.

Metal perforation is a popular metalworking process because of its relative simplicity and low cost. The process involves a metal sheet and a roller or retractable puncher fitted with appropriately shaped and spaced punching teeth or spikes.

The Metal is then forced under or over the punching surface, which punches the holes or other shapes into the material. The metal perforation process is highly customizable. Every variable from perforation size, perforation spacing, perforation volume and many other variables can be easily determined at the outset of the metal perforation process.

Metalworking operations that offer metal perforation services often work with their customers in the creation of custom perforation shapes and sizes. Otherwise, such metalworking operations usually offer stock configurations and produce them in large volumes.

Because perforated steel tubes and sheets are so widely used, they are often fabricated in stock quantities and sold in bulk to manufacturers that include them in their own products. The possibilities for perforated steel products are limited only by the imaginations of their designers.

Perforated Steel Perforated steel products are steel sheets that have been subject to a perforation process. Perforation is the process of punching or stamping holes or other shapes into a material in a pattern or in sequence.