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Perforated coils are manufactured by perforating an entire line of a flat rolled sheet. The ends of these can be deformed freely during the rolling and feeding process. Then after the punching process, it will be wounded back into a uniform coil. These coils are made in an industrial perforating press that is called a perforation line and is fed on the machine and perforated continuously. Read More…

Perforated Coil Perforated coils are manufactured by perforating an entire line of a flat rolled sheet. The ends of these can be deformed freely during the rolling and feeding process. Then after the punching process, it will be wounded back into a uniform coil.
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Remaly Manufacturing is a leading perforating & fabricating manufacturer, established in 1865. We provide perforated aluminum, perforated plate, perforated steel, perforated brass, screens & bar gratings.

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Carbondale, PA  |  800-225-7373

We are metal perforators with capabilities to produce unlimited patterns from standard to intricate configurations in round, square, oval and rectangular shapes.

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At Metalex®, powered by UPG, our experienced sales and engineering team has the technical expertise to ensure you get the exact product for your application and requirements. Whether your perforated metal needs are simple or complex, you’ll get the ideal product the first time, and each subsequent time you choose Metalex®. Contact our team of product experts today.

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For perforated metals of stock and custom products, Ferguson Perforating is able to produce standard hole sizes plus special sizes from 0.020"-2.25" diameter and hexagonal, square or slotted perforations. We can work with various metals, allowing us to create any product you need. In partnership with you, we are prepared to meet all of your fabricated requirements - both old and new.

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Here at VACCO Industries, we can create custom perforated metal products, and our engineers will abide to your exact requests. These top of the line products are affordable, and we work hard to make all of our products with precision techniques

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The perforation line consists of components like unwinder with a straightener, punching press, a shear for cutting in length, and a recoiler, that work alongside each other to successfully fabricate a perforated coil. The unwinder with a straightener is responsible for making it easy for feeding the plain coil to the machine’s feed rollers. Moving forward in the process, a punching press will do its job to punch the pre-defined holes thereby perforating the coil. The punching system will then stop when the desired length is achieved and will be cut by the designated shear for cutting the sheets. Depending on the demand of clients and customers, if they desire a whole coil perforated, then these coils will not be cut and will immediately proceed to the rewinding step.

There are advantages of using perforated coils over its sheet counterpart. One impressive benefit coming from the ability to perforate coils instead of just sheets is having this greatly lessen the cost of raw materials because of bulk production. Furthermore, due to its systematic perforation line, it boasts the ability of having a short time for perforation and production. This results in lessened labor and efficient use of resources.

On the other side, these coils also have their own disadvantages. For one, the molds and dies used as tools for perforation are very expensive. Having mentioned this, the possibility to produce customized holes for these types of perforations will be limited only to the available mold and die the manufacturer has. Finally, the capability of the perforation line for coils are only limited to a low and medium thickness materials, that is why sheets are more preferred for thicker applications.

Perforated Coils are used in applications where the production line requires big lots/ high volume of perforated materials that have a low to medium thickness. Because of its ability to produce a whole punched coil, these make it perfect for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) that have a large and automated production line. Looking on the consumer side, coils have a wide application in the industry in which they are used as partitions, enclosures, sign panels, safety guards, and screens. With its efficient production line, perforating coils boost the production time and cost savings by making the process of handling sheet material lean and effective.