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Perforated aluminum of varying configurations can be found in industrial cabinetry, in speaker covers, in architectural decorations and in a wide variety of other settings. Aluminum is often chosen over other metals for use as a raw material because of its favorable qualities. Read More…

Perforated Aluminum Perforated aluminum products are aluminum sheets that have been punched or stamped with holes in a pattern or sequence. Perforated aluminum is an important industrial, commercial and consumer utility, and it is applied in all kinds of contexts.

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Tamaqua, PA  |  888-218-2260

Remaly Manufacturing is a leading perforating & fabricating manufacturer, established in 1865. We provide perforated aluminum, perforated plate, perforated steel, perforated brass, screens & bar gratings. We provide services for all types of metals in both prototypes and large runs. Remaly Manufacturing is a company managed by solid principles & ethics to meet or exceed customer’s requirements.

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Hanover, MN  |  763-777-8087

Astro Metal Craft is a metal manufacturer specializing in aluminum and stainless steel fabrication. Every day we fabricate aluminum and stainless steel for customers in many different industries around the country. We have esteemed knowledge in providing complex and precise fabrications for architectural metal projects and industrial equipment. Our metal fabrication services include AWS qualified welding, punching/perforating, forming, tube bending, laser cutting, embossing, saw cutting, CNC machining, shearing, prototyping and more. Call us today at 763-777-8087!

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Carbondale, PA  |  800-225-7373

We are metal perforators with capabilities to produce unlimited patterns from standard to intricate configurations in round, square, oval and rectangular shapes. We perforate a variety of materials delivered in sheets or coils to a variety of industrial, architectural and commercial applications. Our multiple secondary operations, from fabrication to surface finishing, can eliminate labor, time, and provide cost-savings for your completed assembly.

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Glendale Heights, IL  |  800-638-5712

Syr-Tech is a leading custom manufacturer of perforated metal sheets and filter screens used in a variety of unique applications. Products range from complex sunscreens to basic sheets. We use a variety of materials including stainless steel, copper, aluminum and even plastic. Available patterns include slots, hexagons, diamonds and round holes. Contact us today for superior products and services.

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Milan, MI  |  800-521-6784

Clark Perforating Company’s quality policy is “producing quality parts that strictly adhere to our customers’ requirements and delivering them in a reliable and timely fashion.” We are proud to offer our valued customers fast turnaround, cost-efficient processes with short and long runs available. Visit our website today to see a full list of products such as perforated copper and capabilities.

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El Monte, CA  |  626-443-7121

Here at VACCO Industries, Inc. we can manufacture amazing perforated metals. Our engineers will abide to your exact requests. These top of the line products are affordable. We work hard to make all of our products with precision techniques. We take pride in saying that we are the largest commercial photo etching company in the Western United States. We are the experts of a plethora of metals and secondary services.

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Corrosion and heat resistance, strength, durability and a number of other superior physical qualities make aluminum the material of choice for the construction of perforated metal sheets and screens in many situations.

Aluminum can also make an excellent drain covering because of its resistance to rusting. Perforated aluminum can be used for the construction of colanders and other food preparation utilities like spoons, ladles and cheese graters. It is also used for decorative wall paneling, for indoor and outdoor furniture and for many other purposes.

The metal perforation process is quite simple, though fully automated perforation machinery can be somewhat complex. In either case, the process begins with a metal sheet that is fed into perforation equipment.

There are two main ways in which perforations are created in metal sheets. Depending on the desired size and shape of the perforations, specially designed perforating tools must be installed in perforation equipment.

Once designed and installed, the tool is used to impart the new shapes upon the metal sheet as it is passed through the equipment. Depending on the level of automation and the size and capacity of the equipment, perforation runs can produce newly perforated sheets in very high volumes or in small volumes.

A perforator can feature several carefully-shaped perforation tools on a rolling beam; this method can still be considered punching because the tools on the beam punch out metal shapes.

As an aluminum sheet is forced under the roller, the turning of the beam exposes the sheet to the perforation tools, which punch their shape into the aluminum. Other configurations involve a press that is affixed with perforation tools.

The press is retractable and perforates the aluminum sheet when it is extended. Metal perforating processes can be manually operated, but with recent developments in CNC technology, computer controlled perforating machines have allowed for the high-volume creation of high quality perforated metal products. Aluminum perforations can be produced by both methods.

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